The Teams for WODsomniac Molten Lava Edition are as follows: (If you have any requests to be with certain people then please let me know. This is a preliminary list but I can change it if you had your heart set on a certain partnership/team)

Team 1: Dave/Ryan/Tara/Amy

Team 2: Dan/Dannon/Michelle/Amber P.

Team 3: Jake/Colton/Lisa/Megan

Team 4: Taryn/Dallas/Liz/Kylee P.

Team 5: Nate I./Navarro/Jaimee/Amanda

Team 6: Hayden/Thayne/Shelley/ Steph

Team 7: Tom M./Reagan/Hillary/Alex T.

For those of you who did WODsomniac last time… You remember this one well.

Last Edition of WODsomniac’s 10-3-10


20 Front Squats (95/65)
15 Box Overs (24/20)

(one participant moving at a time, second teammate waits in holding area and must be tagged in. You may tag in your teammate at anytime)


3:00 Max Effort
Rope Climbs


500 m Row
20 Snatches (95/65)
50 Doubles
(each athlete must complete the entire series in order. When athlete 1 finishes the row, athlete 2 may begin his row. No passing allowed, 1 athlete per station only i.e. Athlete 1 and athlete 2 may not snatch at the same time)
10 minute time cap