Good Morning CFTP,

This past month has been a great one. I have been watching all of you and couldn’t be prouder of the changes you have made in your lives. Hillary and Michelle have put together an amazingly successful Paleo Challenge and many of you have taken advantage of this. It has been great to see your transformation in 4 short weeks. Great mental fortitude is needed to make those type of lifestyle changes. You are healthier for it. Your performance in the gym has greatly increased. The way you eat is just as important as how hard you work in the gym. As I have said many times: “If you are going to push your limits in the gym, then you better be ready to push your limits in the kitchen.” I have a great deal of respect for those who have made changes to their diet. As many of you know, I struggle with this aspect of my training. I would rather do 3 WODs a day then to cut out some of my cheats but when I see all of you making that sacrifice and seeing those changes it gives me the encouragement needed to make a better effort. Every time you make the decision to eat healthy you are taking a step to a healthier you. I know it can be tough but because you as a community have decided it is important you have all made great strides in achieving your individual goals. Keep up the good work and continue down that path of health.

On this second part I would like to make a few announcements and put a few deadlines up. We have 5 teams reserved for WODsomniac. We have only had 2 individuals who have paid the $20 to reserve themselves a spot on the teams. I need everyone who plans on doing WODsomniac (www.wodsomniac.com) to get me their $20 by the end of this week. This will give me a chance to put together some preliminary teams and also start preparing the gym for the upcoming event.

In preparation for WODsomniac I want us to take advantage of an upcoming event that has been around longer than any other CrossFit event in Utah, The Retro Games. This event has three categories, two-person teams, individual, and masters (Over 40 division). I am looking for a partner to do this with for sure but I also want to see if we can get a group of us out there. They are limited on spaces so if we are going to do this we need to act quickly. Check out the details and come talk to me at the gym. http://wasatchcrossfit.com/the-2013-retro-games/

One last event that I would like to go to as a gym is during the first of September at Camp Williams. It is Operation IronwoRX. www.operationironworx.com I did this last year and loved it. I believe we have many athletes who would do really well at this event. These three events should be attended by all those who have that competitive spirit and who feel they are ready to challenge themselves. If you are Rxing most WODs and are ready to see how you stack up to the rest of the CrossFit community then I highly recommend you join CFTP at these events. If you aren’t quite ready I still encourage you to either volunteer at these events or to come cheer on our squad.


Finally, I would like to make an announcement of schedule changes. We are going to be changing things up with how Foundations are done at CFTP. Up till now Foundations have been held on Tuesday and Thursday at 7:30 AM and 6:30 PM. This is no longer the case. Foundations will be by appointment only. If you have anyone who is interested in joining us at CFTP have them call our number at 801-953-2338 or email us at crossfitthepoint@gmail.com (Emailing will be the best way to get a hold of us). We will schedule an appointment with them to come in and complete the foundations course. This means that 7:30 AM and 6:30 PM will now be open to everyone as a regular WOD! With this change we will also be adding an Olympic Lifting class on Thursday nights at 6:30 PM. This class is going to go over the Olympic lifts in detail and help you perfect your Clean and Jerks and your Snatches. I am really excited to be adding this class.

Please let me know if you have any questions about these changes or these competitions. If we don’t challenge ourselves we will never know our true potential. The challenges are out there, now it is up to you to accept them. See you all in the gym!