Van #1 about to start. This is the only picture I had. More pics to come of the entire team.

Good Morning CFTP Members,

What a week! I learned a lot about our members this week. The first thing I learned is the dedication you all have to your box. The minute I put out the need for volunteers I had more people than I could use. The minute I asked someone to cover for me at the gym or to help out doing this and that I had a flood of texts asking to help out. You all are amazing people and I am so lucky to have you at the gym.

Another thing I learned is that we have amazingly strong members. As we set out on our Ragnar adventure you never know how people are going to react or perform. I knew we had all put the training in at the gym and out on our long runs but as a coach you always ask yourself, “did we prepare enough?” Well, my questions were answered with a performance that would make any coach proud. We started out at a blazing pace by surpassing our scheduled pace by over 20 minutes in the first 40 plus miles. As the heat beat down on us we maintained our pace and continued to push through. As one team member struggled another stepped up and then as that team member struggled another stepped up and picked up the pace. As a team we continued our trek through the 198 miles. Sleep deprivation and frustration set in as we realized how taxing running at that pace could be. This did not deter us and we carried on with the gym rooting us on. Whenever I felt the need to slow I knew I had to push through because of all the Facebook messages and text messages I was receiving from our great members. The support was overwhelming and it made me proud be a part of such a great community. As we neared the finish line we lost a bit of time with a lost runner… She had to run an extra four miles which at the end of such an extensive race can almost break you. But she pushed through and we finished strong, as a team, across the finish line. After the 198 miles I feel proud and amazed at the strength of our gym. It was a testament to me to how much our bodies can do if we put in the extra work and challenge ourselves.

While we were out running Ragnar I loved seeing the hard work still going on in the gym. You all continued strong and I loved getting the text at the end of the day with the results from the day’s WOD. I want to thank all the trainers who covered for me as I was out running around. You are amazing trainers and without you, CFTP would not be where we are today.

It is now time to continue our training. Every time I race or compete I am amazed at what CrossFit can do for you. I have never ran that fast for that long in my entire life. This is coming from a person who was in the military and who was on a collegiate level soccer team. With CrossFit I am in the best shape of my life and there is no stopping now. No matter where we are in our CrossFit careers we can be sure that we will continue to progress and as our form gets better and our knowledge becomes broader we will exceed all of our own expectations.

The Spartan Race is coming up next! Who is ready?! We have 13 competitors on our Spartan Team. I am so excited to go out next Saturday and get dirty with all my peeps. I am very excited to see how well we can do. The race is 13 miles long with over 30 obstacles. It will be a challenge but the only limitations we have are what we put on ourselves. We are strong! We need your support CFTP!!! If you are free this coming Saturday please come out and support our team! Three of us are starting in the competitive heat at 8 AM. You can come watch us then… We hope to be finishing around 10 AM. Then our second heat begins at 11:15 AM and they will finish around 1-4 PM. So if you are free at any time you are more than welcome to come cheer us on. You can get in for free if you volunteer or you can pay the spectator fee. Go to www.spartanrace.com to find out more information.

This is my favorite part of the year and I love being able to go out and show our fitness off with you. Thank you for your continued hard work in the gym. I look forward to training with you this upcoming week.

Coach Dan