Starting this week we will be offering a teenage class on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 10:30 AM. This class is set up for The Summit Academy Rugby boys but we have opened it up for any of your young athletes ages 13-17. The cost will be the k-12 cost found online. The rugby team will be at the same discounted price we offered in the Fall.

For those in competition mode. We will be adding an additional class, The Advanced Competition WOD, at 8:30 PM for those of you who want an extra challenge. In this class we will be going over some of the more challenging movements in CrossFit. We will also be lifting a bit heavier and going a bit faster! This is designed for those of you who are planning on competing in WODsomniac or any other competition but is open to anyone who wants that extra training. If you are planning on getting in two WODs a day this could be your second WOD.

The rest of the schedule will stay the same.

Thanks for your attention. See you all this upcoming week.