Good Afternoon CFTP members,

Hero Week is upon us! I love Hero Week and can’t wait to share it with you all. This whole week we will be doing WODs named after fallen heroes. We will be starting with “Murph” and go on from there. While CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program that pushes our limits it is also a great way for us to show our appreciation for those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. I am former military and have been deployed to Iraq. Hero WODs have a special place in my heart. There is something to be said to be doing a workout that is dedicated to someone who sacrificed their life for your freedom. During these WODs you are going to want to quit, you are going to want to rest just a bit longer, you may even want to cry but when these thoughts come into my head I think back to who I am doing this for and the sacrifice that person has made. It is going to be 6 days of gut wrenching workouts, (Luckily for you all, we at CFTP have brutal WODs almost daily!) and I want you all to give 100 percent. When you see the WOD post I want you to do some research on the hero that the WOD is named after. Come into the gym mentally prepared for the WOD. This is our chance to pay tribute to sacrifices made on our behalf.

The second huge thing going on this week is Regionals! Regionals are being held here in Utah at the Olympic Oval. The schedule looks like this for the individuals:

You really need to take this opportunity to watch some of the best in the world go at it. We as a gym still have a few tickets left. First come first serve. We will be selling them for $10 a day which is $5 cheaper than what you can get them for from CrossFit. We want to get as many of our members to the Regionals as possible. I am lucky to be a part of the judging team. I get to stand next to the best CrossFitters in the world and watch them dominate these WODs.

Attending events like this will give you a motivation like none other. You will see what your potential is. You will see how far you still have to go. It will push you mentally to train harder, eat better, and to put in the extra work. I am so excited for this year and CFTP. We have athletes who have the mental attitude, the dedication, and the physical ability to be great. I know if we push hard this coming year and take every opportunity we can to progress towards our goal that we could have a team next year that is competitive. We will have those individuals who step up and shine and who are ready to take on the next challenge. Throughout this next year CFTP will give you every opportunity we can to get you to those CrossFit events that are held throughout the year. We need to take advantage of this. Utah has an amazing community that hosts big CrossFit events every month. CFTP will represent at these events and as we all get stronger we will win these events. Stay strong and remember that half the battle begins upstairs. Make the conscious decision to be great and CFTP will help you in your journey to greatness.