Good Afternoon CFTP Members,

Last night was a blast! Love Saturday Night Beast Mode! Thank you for all of you who came and for all of those who contributed to make it a success. Every week you prove to me that I have the best members in the world.

This week’s focus is going to be on record keeping and goal setting. I want to start off this spotlight by looking back on when I first started CrossFit. I was in Iraq on deployment when me and three of my buddies decided to start CrossFitting. Paul Diamond, kind of the ring leader, came up with the great idea to start a blog to record our WODs. At first I was kind of indifferent about keeping a record of what we did but as I look back I am so grateful for Paul and this great idea. This is the blog if you are interested in reading about me as a baby CrossFitter (hehe): http://taceramblings.blogspot.com/ . It is really cool to be able to go back and to see how my CrossFitting started out and to see the progress. The only way we can see our progress is by writing it down. We should never come into the gym during one of our Strength WODs and not know what our previous max was for that lift. We shouldn’t have to guess and say, “Well I think that was a PR”. It is your responsibility to keep track of your records. Although, I remember a lot of your breakthroughs and a lot of your PRs I can’t remember them all. I see your progression. I see your weights getting heavier and you getting faster but unless you record it, you will never know just how much faster you are going or how much weight you have gone up.

Another essential part of record keeping is to keep you honest. For those of you who are friends with me on Facebook you will see me post my WOD daily. I have an app, which I will talk about later, that I put the daily WOD in and then it automatically posts it to Facebook. Having this type of accountability for me is essential. The fact that I have to post my score for all my gym to see pushes me to that next level. It makes me push myself past what I may think I can do. I know that at the end of this WOD I have to post this and if I don’t give 100 percent I feel like I not only let myself down but also let you down. So it keeps you accountable.

Now, there are many ways out there these days that you can use to record your records. The one I prefer most is by downloading an app that you can keep on your phone and have with you at all times. The reason I think this is the best way to record your WODs is because of the accessibility of it. No matter where we go we have our phones on us. If you travel and you go into another CrossFit gym, then you will have your records to look at and you won’t miss a step. These apps are amazing and they allow you to do exactly what you need to do in order to keep progressing. You don’t even have to write down the WODs a lot of the times because all the “Girl WODs” and all the “Hero WODs” and all the “Weightlifting maxes” are built into the WOD. All you have to do is enter your score and it will track your progress. I have two different apps on my phone that I think work best but there are hundreds out there. The one I use most is called WOD – Workout Logger for CrossFit. The other one that many people like is MyWOD. If you have a smart phone you should have a CrossFit app on your phone. There should be no excuse for this. It is essential in your CrossFit progression.

Another way we can record our records, if you are into the more old fashioned way of doing things, is to have a notebook. Bring that notebook into the gym each time you come or I will let you leave it at the gym so you don’t have to lug it back and forth. Organize it so it is easy for you to find your maxes and your records on the named WODs. This is how I first started recording my records and it works just fine. It is not quite as convenient but the most important part is that you are recording your WODs.

To continue to progress we must first see our progression. If we do not see ourselves improving then it is easy for us to quit. I guarantee you that each and every one of you have improved immensely. I see you everyday and I see you making those strides. I want for you to see yourself the way I see you. I want you to see that progress that gets me excited to coach you every day. You guys and girls are getting so strong that I am starting to get scared that some of you are going to start passing me up. Your rate of improvement is astounding and I can’t wait to see where you are in a month, a year, 5 years from now.

Put in the work this week and don’t forget to record all that hard work you put in. WRITE IT DOWN, WRITE IT DOWN, WRITE IT DOWN!

Coach Dan