Good Afternoon CFTP,

First of all, Happy Mother’s Day to all our wonderful mothers in the gym. It is amazing to me that you all can do what you do day in and day out and still have time to come in and dominate in the gym. Thank you!

I had a plan to talk about something totally different in this Sunday Spotlight than I am going to talk about today. First of all, thank you for giving it 100 percent this past week. In many of you I could see the change in attitude and intensity. I saw many of you pushing your weights up. I saw many of you pushing hard all the way to the end and I appreciate the effort I saw this past week. It really is incredible what you all are capable of when you get past the doubts in your minds and see yourself the way I see you.

This week has been an emotional week with the loss of one of our own CrossFitters, Katrina Lawrence. Very few people at CFTP knew Katrina personally but as soon as you heard the story your hearts all opened up. Not only your hearts but also your pocketbooks. We held the Katrina Hero WOD on Thursday and asked for your help and you did not disappoint. I was overwhelmed with donations and before we knew it we had over $1,000! Then we kept it going through our 1 year anniversary party on Saturday night with a goal of $1,500… I am proud and humbled to announce, WE DID IT! I counted up all the donations and we hit our mark of $1,500! You all are the most generous people I know. THANK YOU!

You all are perfect examples to what it means to love your neighbor. You are there to help those in need. As a gym I know we are capable of anything we put our minds to. You all have created an environment where it isn’t just about working out anymore. It isn’t just about looking good. It’s about working together to change the lives of those around us. Not only are you changing the lives of those within the CrossFit community but you are also inviting new members into the CFTP community and giving them a chance to better their lives. Our membership is growing and you are making us stronger but inviting your neighbors and friends to come and try it out. We are able to make a bigger difference because you are willing to open your mouths and say, “Hey, if your sick of hearing about my workouts, how bout you come try it out and see why it’s so awesome?”

Let’s get in the gym this week and push hard. Many of us have a lot of races coming up this next few months (somehow I am running a marathon now… Don’t know how that happened) so let’s put the work in at the gym so we can perform well in our races. Everywhere we go we will be representing CFTP and I want to show people what we are made of. Thank you for all that you do and I will see you in the gym!
Coach Dan