Today’s WOD is not only a Hero WOD but a fundraiser. This family needs our help and we need to be there for our CrossFit community. If you have money to spare please bring it in with you and donate to this cause. We will also accept cards since nobody carries cash with them anymore. Let’s show our support for our local CrossFit Community.

On Monday, May 6th 2013, Katrina Lawrence gave the ultimate sacrifice after complications during delivery while giving birth to her 6th child. Her passing is a great loss for us and more people that she could have possibly realized. Katrina is known for countless wonderful attributes, among which are selflessness, amazing, extraordinary, kind, funny, strong, and more. She was a caring friend to all, unbelievable mother, remarkable daughter, and incredible sister, and devoted wife. The CrossFit community is known for paying tribute to heroes that have paid the ultimate price for others. Katrina paid that price bravely and without hesitation. This courageous and selfless act is a magnificent example to all of us. With this, the members of Viking CrossFit can see no better way than to honor and remember this HERO by conducting a workout in honor of Katrina and her family.

Katrina and Family’s WOD

34 Box Jumps for Justus (24in/20in)

Then 6 Rounds of the Following:
-14 Kettlebell Swings / for KAI the Intellectual (1.5pood/1pood),
-12 Front Squats / for TE the Karate Man (135lb/95lb),
-11 HSPU / for MAYA the gymnast,
-8 Burpees / for DAX the crazy man,
-3 Squat Cleans / for KOA who loves to leave everything clean (NOT!) (135lb/95lb)
-1 Thruster / for Jet Li the new baby thrusting himself into this world! (135lb/95lb)

Then finish with 36 Box Jumps for Katrina (24in/20in)

Rep = Children’s and Parents’ Ages
Rounds = Number of Children