Good Afternoon,

Coach Dan’s Friday Focus will now be Coach Dan’s Sunday Spotlight…

What a week of CrossFit! We had PRs across the board along with much improved skills in our olympic lifting. Today’s focus/spotlight will be on motivation. We all get into CrossFit for our own reasons. Whether it be to get slimmer, fitter, or stronger. We are all in the gym putting in the work and I just want to make sure we are always looking back and remembering why we are here. The WODs are going to get hard and you are going to want to quit. Bruce Roberts, our friend, co-owner of CrossFit Hyperion, and owner of Strata Fitness, was recently published in WODTalk Magazine and he had this to say about mental fortitude.

“…Take two athletes who have been doing CrossFit for one year. They start from a similar level of athletic ability and they both improve; yet after the year, one athlete far surpasses the other. What’s the difference: natural athletic ability, inherent strength, good genes? I think it’s mental toughness. Those who push harder will more quickly adapt to the stress they put on themselves. The ones who stop to catch their breath, who don’t push themselves to heavier weight and harder WODs, won’t progress (adapt) as fast.”

Wise words from a Military Veteran and CrossFit veteran. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of motivation in CrossFit. Motivation and mental fortitude is key to your improvement. If you are going to go half speed or quit when the going gets tough you will improve very slowly. If you push yourself and find that motivation to push through for that final rep or that last minute I will guarantee that you will improve by leaps and bounds. Bruce also mentioned about how he gets asked on how he finished a certain WOD so quickly. His answer is similar to mine when I get asked that very question. This past week we completed “300” and I finished with a time of 18:12. When I posted that time people were surprised. I got asked the next day from multiple people to how that is possible to complete “300” in that time. My answer was simple. “I didn’t stop. I just kept going. When I did have to take a break it was no longer than 7 seconds.” Now I am not trying to “toot my own horn” but I am trying to make a point. We all can push ourselves a little harder. We all need to dig deep and find that extra something to get us through that WOD. My motivation on “300” was that I was determined to not let anyone in the gym beat me. When I got tired I remembered the fastest time on the board and I knew that I had to beat that time. If you are not writhing in pain and exhaustion on the ground after a WOD like “300” then you did not push yourself hard enough.

We all need to find that motivation and be accountable for our effort in the gym. I know some people get sick of my Facebook postings about my WOD every day. Once again I don’t do that to say, “look at me!” I do it so you all know that I gave it my all in a WOD. It keeps me accountable to myself and to you. I know that after this WOD I am going to have to post this for all of you to see and if I don’t give it my best effort than how can I ask you for your best.

I want you all this week to remember what your motivation is and to bring it into the gym. Push through those mental weaknesses that each of us face. Go a little harder, a little faster, a little heavier. Make your gym time count!


Coach Dan