Good Morning CFTP Members,

It has been a long time since I posted one of my Friday focuses. A lot has happened and we have grown a lot. I am so excited for our CrossFit community here. You all have created something that is nothing short of amazing. I love coming in every day and coaching you guys and girls. Your dedication and determination is inspiring and I appreciate you all.

As way of an update; we have moved into a new facility of more that 5,000 sqft. We have expanded our pullup stations and our mat space. Our membership is growing and continues to grow. I am now looking into getting a bigger board just to fit you all on there. We have added and maintained awesome trainers with Dave, Jaimee, Krishelle, and Amanda. We are planning the opening of more class times to better fit your schedules. There is a lot going on here and you all are at the ground level and I welcome you. We have a community that when people come in they don’t want to leave, so thank you!

Generally in these types focuses I like to focus on something we can use in the gym. Since this is the first one in months I just want to focus on thanking some individuals for all their hard work. Firstly, I want to thank David and Aubrey Martinez and Ryan and Tara Beatse. Without you this would not be possible and you deserve a ton of credit for all those hours and ideas you have put in. I want to thank the Crockett’s who took away from their busy schedule to help install mats and the pullup stations. I want to thank Andrew Jones for doing such an amazing job on the new pullup stations anchored into the walls. I want to thank Jason Anderson for allowing us to use his equipment while we were painting. I want to give a big thanks to Eric, Colton, and Cory Swapp for all the man hours they put in over the last few weeks. Huge shout out to Taylor Ault. Without him there is no way we could have gotten the mats in here and placed. He also stuck around on Easter weekend and helped us scrub the ground. I want to thank Amber Smith for her contributions on move day and everything you bring to the gym. There were so many people who helped with this whole move and I want to thank you all. I know I probably missed some people. There were over 30 of you who helped us initially move. We were done in like 30 minutes. It was incredible. I love our community and I want you to know that I appreciate you all.

Thank you all for everything you do.Last little note; RACES! We have the opportunity to be surrounded with races. There are three in June that CFTP is signed up for. These are perfect opportunities for us to show off our skills and our strength. We work too hard in the gym to not enjoy dominating on race day. Join one of our teams. We have a Dirty Dash team, Ragnar team, and Spartan team. Come join us and enjoy the fruits of your labor.