Good Afternoon,

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the 2013 Paleo Prep Challenge. I was really impressed with the progress I have seen. As I was compiling all the numbers of WOD improvement, points, and Body Fat percentage loss, I realize just how far all of you have come. You all are now on a more healthy path and I commend you all on your efforts.

Just as in any competition there can only be one winner. Luckily, in this competition there was a chance for three winners. After all the data has been compiled these are your winners for this challenge:

Healthy Eating Points Winner: Traci Crockett with all 72 points possible! She did not miss a day even with all the changes throughout the competition.

WOD Improvement: Cheryl Bishop knocked 8:11 off of her two WODs, going from 21:57 to 13:46.

Fat Percentage Loss: Kurt Swensen lost a total of 17.9 mm in the four locations tested which comes to a total body fat loss of 4.11%.

The competition was very close! Everyone did an amazing job and I would like to mention a few more people whose improvement has been nothing short of amazing:

Randi Blackhan shaved off 5:23 off her times and came in second with a body fat loss of 3.91%.

Jason Coe lost 3.44% of body fat.

Hillary Waldron lost 2.67% of body fat

Jodi Pierce came in second on the WOD improvement with a total of 7:28 off her original times. She also lost 2.2% of body fat.

Jenny Harrison came in third in her WOD improvement knocking off 5 whole minutes!

Dallas Frame lost 2.28% of body fat.

Alex Florez knocked 3:10 off her times.

and the list goes on!

This was all done in a matter of six weeks. Just imagine what we can do the rest of this year!! I am so proud of all of you and I appreciate your hard work during this time. It has been amazing to see not only your physical changes through this competition but also your mental changes.

You all are getting stronger and putting forth 100 percent every time you come into the gym. I appreciate you all and can’t wait to see what the future has to bring for all of you. REMEMBER: the next competition we will be participating in the Open. If you haven’t signed up yet and would like to participate please do it this week. Here is the link.