Happy Veteran’s Day! In observance of Veteran’s Day the schedule has been changed to the following for Monday’s WOD.

6:30, 7:30, 8:30 AM classes and 4:30, 5:30 PM classes. I know some people don’t have it off tomorrow so hopefully this schedule will work for all of you.

WOD (Because of the Benchmark WOD being scheduled for today we will be completing a Hero WOD on Tuesday in observance of Veteran’s Day)

Lurong Living Benchmark WOD #1


5 Rounds for Time of:

20 KB Swings (53/35)

20 Burpees


20 KB Swings (35/26)

20 Burpees

*This is the final Benchmark WOD… If you miss this one or have missed any we did last week we must make them up before the end of the week. Also this week we need to do your measurements and get them into the system.*