Good Morning CFTP Members,

It has been fun this week seeing the amazing improvement from 2 months ago on the Paleo Challenge Benchmark WODs. You all are killing your times! This is a attributed to your hard work and dedication. I noticed one thing during this second go around on the benchmark WODs… Those who have stayed truer to their diet and have come most consistently have blown everyone else’s time out of the water. Diet and consistency is key to improvement. It will come down to the wire… Who’s going to get a free Rockwell watch. The end is near. Keep strong and finish off this next week.

Next week the plan is to get everyone measured to see the improvement during this challenge. Please make sure you get measured and enter your measurements before the end of next week. Also if you have missed any of the benchmark WODs it is up to you to come to me and tell me so we can make them up this next week. Also if you would like to redo a WOD then let me know and we will get it arranged.

Thanks for being so awesome. See you all next week.