Good morning CFTP Members,

Today I just want to touch on the importance of standards. I have noticed, especially lately, a frustration from members on my correcting their form… There are multiple reasons I do this. First of all, it is my job. I am here to make you a proficient, strong and safe CrossFitter. The second reason is that there must be a standard so everyone is on the same playing field. If I were to allow “cheating” then that would be a disservice to the “cheater” and to the rest of the gym. The standards are there to help us know what we need to work on and also so that we can all have the same experience across the board. The last reason I am going to mention on this topic is that standards are there to help us improve. If you cheated on your last max back squat it will make it very difficult to beat your PR the next time around when you actually get that depth. If you keep to one standard then you can better gauge your improvement.

If you feel like I am picking on you for your form please stop. I pick on everyone evenly across the board. Obviously I am going to be critiquing the newer CrossFitters a little more and if your form is still not up to standard it may feel like my criticisms are relentless. Don’t get mad. I have had my time to get yelled at and I still continue to receive criticism when my form is off. It is a learning process and I am just here to help you along your CrossFit way. Just like in anything in life, we all need a coach to help us in things we are inexperienced in. If I wanted to become an airplane pilot my buddy Jordan Mower, one of our newest CrossFitters, would need to teach me the foundations. He wouldn’t just let me get into an airplane and fly. We all have to start somewhere. We must learn from those who know what they are doing. That is what I am here for. I want to make you all the strongest and fastest CrossFitters around but it is a process. I need you all to stay healthy and avoid injury.

I am getting very excited about the progress I am seeing and the growth of the  gym not only in numbers but in performance. Really awesome to see. Can’t wait to see what the future brings for the gym and our members.