Good Morning CFTP Members,

Two weeks down on the Paleo Challenge. Everyone is doing a great job. We only have 2 days to enter in all of our benchmark WODs and measurements. If you haven’t done so you must do it before Saturday! Geter Done! While on this challenge just remember that if you are struggling that we all have your back. If you need ideas on what to cook get on our group site and check it out. Our members have shared many recipes and we will have more to come. We have some amazing cooks! Continue to learn and grow during this process. Don’t get down on yourself when you cheat. Just make sure the next meal is a good one and go from there. This is definitely a learning curve… It takes time to change our habits. You all have made the first step by joining the competition. Don’t give up.

We are planning a Paleo potluck at the end of October. So come up with your favorite dish during this competition and be ready to share the magic. We will be doing skill WODs every week so be sure to complete these WODs as they come up in our programming. We get points for all of these WODs. Remember, there is a Rockwell watch for both the female winner and the male winner of the gym.

Thanks for working so hard. I love seeing the results and you make my job so much fun. Keep up the hard work. Love my members!