Good morning all,

What a great week to be a CFTP trainer. It’s been fun. We are learning new things together and I really appreciate everyone listening to me and willing to change old weightlifting habits. I have loved sharing my knowledge that I gained while I was at the CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting course. I learned so much and am excited to share that knowledge. It is going to take time and patience by all of us as we learn the correct way of lifting. I understand it gets frustrating and at times is painful, (hook grip…) but I can assure you if you listen to the trainers and take to heart what they have to teach you then you will get stronger and lift safer. These weightlifting skills not only push you to be stronger but also will lengthen your CrossFit career. Lifting safely and with the right form prevents us from getting injured and from wearing those joints out.

Now as you all should know, we are changing our morning schedule next week. It will be 5:30, 6:30, and 8:30. Monday and Friday at 7:30 is open gym and at 7:30 Tuesday through Thursday are foundations. If you are a new CrossFitter and have yet to take that Foundations course then you must get in here at 7:30 this next week. The Foundations course is essential and mandatory. During these classes we will work on all the power lifting we do in CrossFit and will touch on some of the other movements so you are aware of all the movements we do in CrossFit.

I want to remind everyone about signing up online for your classes you plan on coming into. We have been lucky to have small enough classes where our facility has been able to handle the drop-ins but it won’t always be this way. Reserve your spot so that I can guarantee your spot. If we do have a full class and not enough room/equipment I will accept those who signed up online first and then it will be first come first serve as you all come through the door. Just make it easy on me and you and sign up online.

Lastly, I want to thank everyone for cleaning up their own weights and equipment after the WOD. This has saved me a lot of time and energy. One more thing I want to make sure we all do is clean up any sweat we may have left during the WOD. It is a community gym so let’s help keep it clean.

Love ya all and very excited for our future here at CrossFit The Point. Let’s build it up and become the best gym in Utah.


Coach Dan