Good Morning CFTP Members,

Today the focus is going to be on progress and weightlifting. This week I noticed some frustration on people’s progress in their weightlifting. First off, let me tell you that is totally normal. Weightlifting is new for most of you and it takes time to get used to the movements. Also, let me assure you that you are all progressing great. From the day you walked through my doors to now you have made great leaps and bounds in your weightlifting skills. Your weights have all gone up and most importantly your form is constantly improving. Some of the best ways to improve your weightlifting is to watch the professionals teach it. There are thousands of videos online showing form of these lifts. Make sure you are watching professional coaches and not just some guy trying to impress the world with his “massive” deadlift. An obvious way to improve is repetition. Every week I have a day where we focus on one lift and go for our max. In these workouts we must focus on our form and if you have questions, ASK! I am here to help you. The last way to improve that I would like to mention today is to attend a specialty course or attend a course offered by another CrossFit gym. Each coach teaches us different skills and has a different way of teaching the lifts. The more input you can get from different sources the better you will be. Take that knowledge in. I am not going to sit here and tell you that my way is the only way of teaching these skills. There are coaches out there who have a different background and may know more about certain things which can benefit you in your CrossFit progress. I want my members to get the best training possible. Get that extra knowledge and bring it back to the gym and share it with all of us. We are always progressing and we need to help each other get better. Becoming great at something takes more than just ourselves, it takes a community.

Today’s member spotlight is for Kathleen Weber.

Kathleen has been with CFTP since we opened. She was hesitant at first but from day 1 I saw that she would be a great CrossFitter. She is strong and dedicated to a healthier and fitter life. She has had some physical limitations and has had to modify some of her workouts but she is constantly breaking through barriers that when she first started here thought would be impossible. I love watching her progress and am very happy to have her here at CFTP. The following is her personal testimony of CrossFit so far:

I first saw an ad for Crossfit while I was trudging along on a treadmill at _ _ _ _ _ _ gym and I thought “Wow, I’m pretty sure I’ll never do that”.

My next encounter with Crossfit was when I found out there was going to be “Crossfit the Point” right outside our back door at work.  Again, I thought “Wow, I’m pretty sure I’ll never do that”.

I’ve just completed my third month of Crossfit and I say “Wow, I’m doing it”.  But let me back up a bit, I’m 50 plus years old; I’ve worked at a desk job my entire working life.  I worked out regularly until my 40’s then it was hit and miss, mostly miss.  I’ve had three surgeries on my foot in the last three years and the last surgery a metal plate was put in my foot, I was in a cast and then a walking boot for 4 months.  Needless to say my energy level was almost null and yep I raked up about 25 additional pounds.

I joined _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ and went faithfully for over 6 months, I paid not only for the membership but also $1000.00 for a personal trainer (for 6 months).  My energy level was increasing but I didn’t notice anything else to show that I was working so hard.  Also, I’m limited on some mobility and I had to remind the trainer every time of my limitations.   Then I joined _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _, again paid for a membership and purchased personal training as well.  Didn’t see or feel ANY difference and I had to tell the trainer what I wanted to work on.

OK, so now to the good stuff…..As I said, I joined Crossfit the Point 3 months ago; when I first started I was downright scared, I’ve seen the commercials right?  I told Dan (awesome by the way) about my concerns; 1) my foot, 2) my strength or lack of, 3) my age.  Dan assured me he would help me achieve my goals without killing myself (I didn’t want to hurt).  My first week was brutal to say the least; I could barely do 3 pushups; front squats holding a PVC pipe; yea right!  Wall balls!!! Seriously, I have to throw that 10 pound ball to what line and squat before I throw it again? Seriously!   But after 3 months I can do 15 pushups just in the warm up; I can do  7 sets of 7 front squat with 35 pounds;  I can do 4 sets of 10 wall balls and hit the line every time.  Is it hard? Yes!  Am I tired? Sure!  Am I doing it? ABSOLUTLY!!!!

Dan modifies everything for me, he always remembers!!!!  I’ve lost 5 pounds and a complete pant size!

I’m not the fastest, strongest or the best………But the second half of my life I will be FASTER, STRONGER, BETTER!