*Foundations course is cancelled this Saturday 30 June 2012 for the Spartan Race*


Five Rounds of:

400 M Run

15 OHS 95/65

We did this one of our first weeks here at CFTP. Hopefully, for those of you who have been here from day 1, you have this recorded somewhere so that you can see how much you have improved.


Don’t forget to download the xfit global app! This app is great! It tracks your personal workouts and will have CFTP’s WODs loaded for you. Once the member puts their results into the app it does 2 cool things. The app is saved on the results page for everyone to see (just like a whiteboard but on the app itself) and it automatically saves the wod and their results to their own personal workout journal built into the app. The members can scroll through the workout log and view scores and PR’s from previous workouts and edit them or make new ones. Finally the app has a feature that generates random wods for member to do while they are at home or on the road. Its mostly bodyweight exercises that are sure to give them a great wod even though they aren’t at the box. Plus, they can input that wod into their workout log in the app.

I would love to have all the members purchase this app… Recording our workouts is essential to progress. It is only 99 cents and I know you won’t regret it. Let me know if you have any questions.