Good Morning CFTP Members,

The summer is flying by for me and part of that is because I am having such a fun time coaching the best CrossFitters here at Utah’s best CrossFit gym. You all are a blast to coach and it is so much fun to see the improvement. I wish you all could see the difference I have seen in every one of you since you started here. The person that walked through those doors no longer exists. You all are a new and improved version of yourselves.

As you all have noticed and experienced over the past 8 weeks, we have been doing a competition WOD from the Champions League Competition I am in. I want to express the importance of competing, no matter what level you are at. When we enter into these competitions it pushes us to the next level. It makes us step outside our comfort zone and do things we never knew we could do. I remember earlier this year when doing the CrossFit Games Open WODs… I found so many of my weaknesses! I also realized that there are certain things that I do well. This realization is essential in improving. We can never get satisfied with our fitness level. We can always improve and joining competitions is a great way to do that.

As CrossFit grows we will begin to see more and more competitions popping up. I will try and keep you informed of these competitions and also prepare you to join them. I hope to have CFTP represented at as many of these competitions as we can. If you are not quite ready to be a competitor then as a CrossFit box we should be supporting our fellow CrossFitters who are ready. Not only CrossFit competitions but other races and competitions, i.e The Spartan Race, which CFTP have members already signed up for this June 30, 2012. We have a great group of people working out here and they are going to do great things. Let’s support them in their endeavors and work to join them as well.

There is a Utah CrossFit Games being put on in July. I want us to join this competition. I will be competing and I hope to have a few other members join as well. It would be great for everyone to mark this on their calendar and make it if you can. If any of you have a desire to compete in any of these type of competitions please let me know. I know you all have it in you to do well.