Good Morning CFTP Members,

What an exhausting week of WODs but you all did so well. Class sizes are getting bigger so as a reminder, make sure you sign online to insure yourself a spot in the class you are planning on attending. We still only have a small percentage of you signing in.

I have a couple of announcements… There is a CrossFit Throwdown out at CrossFit Hermes in Spanish Fork tonight at 7 PM. If we have anyone interested I will be sure to be there with you. Let me know. These kinds of events are a perfect opportunity for you to get out and meet other CrossFitters and can be a great learning experience.

One more thing, we have decided to give everyone a chance to add a little something to the gym. We are bringing in sharpies and we will be giving each member a brick or two on the walls to show us your creativity. You can put quotes, pictures, or anything you can come up with. Get thinking about some creative ideas and starting next week we will give you a chance to add your spice to the gym.

I really appreciate everyone spreading the word about CFTP! I love when you bring friends in to give CrossFit a try. Please continue to spread the word. Think of someone you know who may need that extra boost of confidence that comes from accomplishing a CrossFit WOD. Let’s build our CFTP community!